Sunday, October 14, 2012

everything about him.... ;)

AMS very special to me. becoz him can guard my mouth n behaviour. i like this person. a long time looking this person. and when i got, seriuosly i cannot to miss it the guy. for me this guy very perfect for my future husband. but only me. mybe many girls like AMS. i know that bcoz no doubt many girls like him. therefore, i must to praying n to try it for could this guy....

moreover, i would to tell my family about him. besides that, he had come to my house to meet my family during eid. my sister said, he kind person n he has a bold to come my house when my family was at hometown. mybe my sister said is true. but i will be strong to together with him. bless Allah hear and love it. thank you ALLAH :)

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